AL presents a high-energy comedy show that will have you reeling with laughter and twisting in your seat. Audiences worldwide have been left breathless by Al's incredibly freaky body contortions, cheeky comedy and ridiculous, sky-high feats of danger.

Bendy Em (UK)
This pint-sized entertainer will have you on the edge of your seat as she comedically bends and contorts her body into freakily mind-boggling positions. Watch Bendy Em squeeze herself into a tiny 16" Perspex Box balanced on a 7ft rig.

The Bubble Wizard (UK)
The Bubble Wizard creates the largest bubbles anyone has ever seen! He uses a secret formula to make bubbles that reach the size of a city bus. Photogenic moments are created when the bubbles float, ripple and pop; enchanting and delighting people of all ages.

The Engagement Ring Show (CDN)
Paul Perreault won the Bronze Medal at the 2013 Cyr Wheel World Championships. Each show, Paul attempts to woo a woman from his audience in hopes that she will fall in love with him! He woos her the entire show and wins her love by performing on the Cyr Wheel. The deal is sealed when he gets down on one knee and proposes that she hold on to him so that they may spin in the wheel together!

FlameOz (AUS)
FlameOz Night Show (Fire Show) :
The FlameOz Fire Show is a world class fire act - a uniquely entertaining, multi award-winning spectacular that has thrilled over 1000 audiences in more than 40 countries. The FlameOz Fire Show is a mix of music choreographed, high-impact fire dance, skilful circus artistry and unique fire-based special effects. Fire dancing at it's finest!

FlameOz Day Show (Circus Show):
An outstanding circus variety show jam-packed with laughs and a diverse range of exceptional skills including juggling, acrobatics, hula hoops and much more... a show for everyone young, and young at heart!

Float with you (USA)
"Float with you" is a living art creation by Tina Millar. Tina portrays familiar characters as she seemingly floats in mid air. A beautiful installation and a memorable addition to any event that will leave your guests intrigued.

Funny Bones (JPN & UK)
This internationally acclaimed double act have worked together for over 10 years delivering hilarious add-libbing comedy with forever changing routines involving giant puppetry, acrobatics, slapstick, voice percussion, dance, magic, hat juggling and much more. This nonverbal act will dazzle your imagination with originality.

Juzzie Smith (AUS)
A true musical virtuoso, Juzzie gives performances that are marked by an amazing ability to play guitar, harmonica and percussion at the same time using all of his body. "It is like dancing with music”

LOL Brothers (CDN)
In a crazy, yet graceful, ambiance, the LOL Brothers will take you on a tour of the history of rock 'n roll music. With strength equal to that of the audience, brothers Acee and DeeCee, a bold duo, create a universe where risk and humor give life to electrifying circus numbers, certain to cause some form of hysteria...LOL...

Michael James (CAN)
Michael exquisitely combines a finely developed art of story telling, illusion, and sleight of hand with a sense of mystery, unique wit, and an unparalleled command of the stage to create a highly energized experience that is sure to astound!

Mr. Animation (USA)
Mr. Animation is an hilarious entertainer, a one-man variety show intermixed with music, hip hop, comedy, mask transformation, robot mime, facial expressions, high energy clowning and audience participation. The comedy is rad, the dancing phat, and you’ll leave his show a better person for his message of love, life, and laughter.

With a signature sound and unforgettable live reputation, OKA is still serving their Progressive Roots music. Electrified Digeridoo, heavy slide guitar, soaring flutes and juju rhythms are some of the many ingredients in this Australian sound that’s matured over a decade.

Pogo Fred, a multiple Guinness World Record Holder, puts on an, acrobatic, extreme, stunt pogo show. Jumping over 7 feet into the air while performing flips, outstanding tricks, and stunts on his next generation and 10-foot tall pogo sticks.

Reuben dotdotdot (AUS)
Winner of the 2013 Metro’s People’s Choice Award, Reuben is a Cirque du Soleil trained Chinese Pole specialist, whose extreme strength and grace, with remarkable physical stunts is matched by his witty banter hat continues as he pulls off his gravity-defying tricks.

Rubberband Boy (NZ)
Introducing the freak-liest boy in show business "The Famous Rubberband Boy". So funny he should have been twins! A master of rubberband-ology and inventor of ‘The Human Jukebox’ (the largest rubber band you'll ever set eyes on). The Rubberband Boy also specializes in the most outrageous straightjacket escape you’ll ever see.