Victor Rubilar
Acclaimed worldwide with 1000's of shows in all continents. A true citizen of the world and a Haligonian in his heart. Victor Rubilar returns once again to the streets of Halifax. Presenting some of the most incredible stunts with soccer balls, acrobatics, dance and plenty of laughs. A soccer show that is simply a party on stage. Be prepared to be amazed but mostly, to be surprised by a performer full of energy and joy. 'He's really good!' - Pele

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Acrobuffos: Waterbombs!
Draw your swords! A hysterical water balloon gladiator show with comic antics, flying water balloons, and loud opera music. Using no words, Waterbombs! is a gut-busting, interactive show that has thrilled crowds in 18 countries. Our fearless performers, Seth and Christina, met at a circus in Afghanistan, were engaged while street performing in Scotland, and married in China. They have performed in over 20 countries, competed in international circus festivals, juggled on Letterman, starred on the Big Apple Circus, and were featured in The New York Times. They live in Harlem, New York City.

This band from Australia fuses their signature vocals and guitar with the deep pulse of the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of the bagpipes, and tribal percussion, BROTHER is wholly original. The band's powerhouse live performances are an energetic celebration, captivating and engaging the audience from the first song to the last.

Charlie Caper
Charlie Caper brings a magic show with heart. Expect world-class magic from this charming Swedish gentleman. He has performed all over the globe in 7 languages and won Sweden's got Talent in 2009. Commonly regarded as one of the best street magicians on this planet Charlie will leave your jaw hanging for most of the show. In a magic-off between Harry Potter and Charlie Caper we would put our money on Harry... but only just.

Chris Lynam
Chris Lynam is renowned for many things but mainly for bringing his brand of crazed humour to bear on unsuspecting audiences. His comedy is boy dangerous and editing, stretching variety to its limits. Very few members of the comedy world are worthy of the title 'genius'; Chris Lynam isn’t one of them but he comes very close. He is a wild clown in a class of his own.

Copper Cowgirl
Sweet and Sassy, the Copper Cowgirl is a human statue with a unique blend of visual performance, comedy and character. Taking inspiration from the great women of the wild west: Calamity Jane, and Annie Oakley, The Copper Cowgirl is friendly yet trigger happy. Part performance art, part wild west clown, she creates smiles and wonder.

David Cassel – Space Commander
Space Commander Hotch Chmarzinski (aka DAVID CASSEL), doer of stupid things and protector of the mundane, proves that he is Champion of the Unexpected. He incorporates acrobatics, magic, balance, climbing, geometry and a special personable brand of audience interactivity that has come to be his trademark.

Ernest the Magnifico: Ernest's rockin' Stunt Show
A unique comic character - he could have been a Beverly Hillbilly, he would have been right at home with the Dukes of Hazard, Ernest the Magnifico IS Australia's comic daredevil. Featuring a high-flying stunt car, a heart stopping pogo stick and a hilarious comic persona, you are guaranteed to laugh and smile as you watch a truly unique slice of the Australian outback.

Fire Weaver Sophie
Fire Weaver Sophie brings an exciting sensory experience to events. This highly original performance involves breathtaking choreographies of daring but precise movements as Sophie hula-hoops with burning hoops and spins fire chains around herself without missing a beat.

The Latchiko's
Credited as the originators of “Gyp-Hop” (Gaelic gypsy hip-hop!) the Latchiko's blend a raw mix of Virtuoso violin, Spoken Word and Raw driving Gaelic beats with humour and gusto. A rare fusion of spoken word and crunchy Gaelic beats, set alight with a gypsy violin, blues harmonica and west of Ireland theatrics.

Lisa Lottie
Crazy agile, beautifully charming and unbelievably flexible! Lisa Lottie will have you on the edge of your seat as she contorts her body and performs some of the most impressive Hula Hoop manoeuvres you have ever seen!

Men In Coats
Men in Coats will take you from a raised eyebrow to creasing up with laughter and if the gags don't get you their inventiveness and dexterity surely will.

Reuben dotdotdot
Reuben is a Cirque du Soleil trained Chinese Pole specialist, whose extreme strength and grace, with remarkable physical stunts is matched by his witty banter hat continues as he pulls off his gravity-defying tricks.

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Silver Elvis
In a world of 58,000 Elvis impersonators there is only one Elvis simulator. The simulation of the inspiration Silver Elvis. This is the 'most unique spin on Elvis you will see.' Cash activated, robbo electro Elvis is silver from his caddy chrome cuoffe to his silver shoes, as he gyrates robotically to the platinum hits of Elvis ! Singapore call him 'the ghost of Elvis' Grandmothers swoon, teenagers freak, parents are amazed as toddlers clamour to dance with the king of bling, SilverElvis. Have your cameras ready, Silverelvis the award winning, and Internet sensation, is coming to the wharf of nova scotia.

TRIBU performances include instruments originating from the Andino region: a variation of wind instruments made of bamboo, percussions-bombo and hand drum, shakers made of nut shells and chakchas, string instrument-charango, songs sung in the native kichwa language and dance.

Twisted Designs
From the deep, dark, depths of a Twisted imagination, surface these colourful, loveable and friendly Balloon Monsters. They may look frightening, but they survive on love from the crowd and give out bubbles and balloons in exchange for hugs and laughs. Let yourself be wooed by the monsters as they speak in their monster voices and play their monster music for you.

USA Breakdancers
Since 1998 The USA Break dancers have been performing their high energy family fun show at almost every major Street performance festival in the United States, Canada and Europe where they were well received by audiences and festival producers alike. They are the winners of several peoples choice awards and best act awards at most of the festivals the group attended including The AIB Street Performance World Championships in 2009-2010 held in Dublin Ireland. This show promises gut busting laughs, high energy fun and action packed Break dancing from two top B-boys out of Queens N.Y. "Reaction" and "Arsin". The show's creator Julio "Klown" Santiago is a legendary old school Popper and Locker from the Bronx N.Y. and original cast member of Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil.