English Gents (AUS)
The English Gents are two delightful and cordial bowler-hatted gentlemen who perform inconceivable feats of acrobatic skill, strength and balance, whilst casually sipping tea, reading the newspaper or whatever tickles one’s fancy. Their best-known act mixes highly skilled acrobatics with a dry English wit, unexpectedly climaxing with the two hilariously baring near-all for Queen and country. The English Gents have delighted audiences all over the world with their highly skilled mix of acrobatics and hilarious physical comedy.


Copper Cowgirl (CDN)
Gunslinger. Living Statue. Expert winker. Part clown, part performance art, she takes inspiration from the great women of the Wild West to engage and amaze. She has performed internationally for 10 years but calls Victoria, BC home.


Aerial Manx (AUS)
Aerial Manx has circled the globe with his breathtaking performances. As the only Acrobatic Sword Swallowing Contortionist, he is a true pioneer of what the mind and body can achieve - a genuine master in the making! He was awarded a Guinness World Record for his incredible stunt of performing multiple back flips whilst swallowing a sword. Be warned though, it is not for the faint of heart!


Andrew Lopatin (UKR/CDN)
Andrew is the big instrumental guitarist from Kharkov, Ukraine now living in the little country-town of Stouffville, Ontario. His music expresses how to turn a single guitar into a sizeable orchestra and expand the horizons of the magical instrument.


eden (CDN)
Born in faraway Hong Kong and raised in Edmonton, eden brings his talents to Halifax streets for the first time ever. You’ll hear the cracks of his matched whips and the roar of his audience long before you see him in his impeccable shoes. Even faster than his whips are his sleight of hand tricks and even bolder than his footwear are his jokes.


Patrick Drake (CDN)
Back for his 7th Halifax Buskers Festival, multi-award winning Comedy Magician Patrick Drake is once again bringing his unique blend of amazing sleight of hand skill, originality and comedy to the Festival’s close-up stage at Bishops Landing. “This is the best way to see magic - intimate and up close”.


Izza Flambe (CDN)
A unique one-woman fire show from Québec, Canada, filled with energy, public participation and ...an accordion! Follow Ezmeralda la Pirata, on her crazy adventures as this fearless woman pirate fights off a 1000 fierce sailors with her fire swords, survives a fire thunderstorm, and transforms herself in to a crazy sea creature

Third Wind, (CDN/AUS)
Third Wind is a collaboration of internationally acclaimed circus artists dedicated to bringing high level, death-defying circus tricks to the street since 2011. They specialize in the dangerous art of Russian bar - balancing and throwing the smallest of the trio 20 feet into the air and then catching him on a 10cm wide bar!


USA Break Dancers (USA)
This show promises gut busting laughs, high-energy fun and action packed Break dancing from two top B-boys out of Queens N.Y. "Reaction" and "Arsin" and the show's creator Julio "Klown" Santiago.


The Budapest Marionettes (HUN)
The show brings about a range of different marionettes in a cycle of short stories accompanied by music. The show is exceptional because the puppet constructor-performer uses an artistic language and a world of forms very characteristic of Central Europe, but creates something new with every puppet. With an array of unique and inventive puppets, it is an event designed to entertain audiences of all ages.

JOHNman’s Blanko is a white figure, on a white pedestal, designed in colour by the audience itself. This interactive art piece allows you to be part of the creation. He has performed at festivals from Oslo to Johannesburg, from Mumbai to Shenzhen, and won many awards.


Ed Stander (USA)
Ed Stander’s instrument of choice is a dozen wine glasses tied to a table. Some are filled with water, most are empty. He was the first glass player to be arrested on the Great Wall of China, and - even more impressively - was the recipient of the first musical busker award ever presented at the Halifax festival. What more can you ask of any performer?

Come see Ed perform at Historic Properties.

Satya Bella (CAN)
Satya has spent the last ten years spinning in circles taking the hula-hoop and cyr wheel to the next level. Prepare to be amazed and inspired as this master of manipulation shows you the startling evolution of this incredible piece of plastic; it’s no longer just a kids toy. A singular talent beyond belief and not to be missed.

Chalky (CAN)
Francois Pelletier, a.k.a. Chalky meticulously reproduces classical masters. He creates a unique work of art that is to be appreciated for its ephemeral beauty, after which the true qualities of it will remain only in passersby’s memories...and on the interwebs. Come see Chalky’s works of art at Historic Properties.

Mat Velvet & Charlie Show (CAN)
Suave, debonair and impeccably moustached – circus star and “wheel idol”, Mat Velvet is a legend in his own mind. He’s ready to give the show of a lifetime…but his little sidekick, Charlie, seems to have a secret of his own. The sassy flavour of this candy-coated performance artistry offers acrobatic prowess and impeccable physical timing wrapped in a hilarious crinkly wrapper.