Nathan Green Stage

Located just behind the Ferry Terminal beside Historic Properties.
Schedule is subject to change.

Wednesday, August 1
5:00pm Sam Prest
6:00pm The Silly People
7:00pm Her Majesty’s Secret Circus
8:00pm Sam Prest
9:00pm The Silly People
10:00pm Her Majesty’s Secret Circus
Thursday, August 2
12:00pm Sara Twister
1:00pm Jack Wise
2:00pm Hannah Cryle
3:00pm Sara Twister
4:00pm Jack Wise
5:00pm Hannah Cryle
6:00pm Sara Twister
7:00pm Jack Wise
8:00pm Hannah Cryle
9:00pm Sam Prest
Friday, August 3
1:00pm Flyin’ Hawaiian Show
2:00pm Nigel Blackstorm
3:00pm Incendia Motus
4:00pm Flyin’ Hawaiian Show
5:00pm Nigel Blackstorm
6:00pm Incendia Motus
7:00pm Flyin’ Hawaiian Show
8:00pm Nigel Blackstorm
9:00pm Break City
10:00pm Incendia Motus
Saturday, August 4
12:00pm The Circus Firemen
1:00pm The Mighty Mike Show
2:00pm Break City
3:00pm The Circus Firemen
4:00pm The Mighty Mike Show
5:00pm Break City
6:00pm The Circus Firemen
7:00pm The Mighty Mike Show
8:00pm Break City
9:00pm Jack Wise
Sunday, August 5
1:00pm Sam Prest
2:00pm Her Majesty’s Secret Circus
3:00pm Incendia Motus
4:00pm Sam Prest
5:00pm Her Majesty’s Secret Circus
6:00pm Incendia Motus
7:00pm Sam Prest
8:00pm Her Majesty’s Secret Circus
9:00pm Sara Twister
10:00pm Incendia Motus
Monday, August 6
12:00pm Flyin’ Hawaiian Show
1:00pm The Silly People
2:00pm Break City
3:00pm Flyin’ Hawaiian Show
4:00pm The Silly People
5:00pm Break City