Chalkmaster Dave

Dave Johnston aka. Chalkmaster Dave is a Toronto born artist currently living in Broad Cove. He paints in several mediums including acrylic, most know him best for his chalk art. Chalk art is a type of street, or performance art goes back to 16th century Europe where artists would go from festival to festival and draw pictures in the town squares to delight the townsfolk, (and perhaps catch a few stray coins). Today you can attend festivals for this type of art all around the world. The modern form is 3D Chalk Art, also called 3D Sidewalk Art. One of the biggest attractions of chalk art is that it is as much about the performance as it is the final piece. Chalkmaster Dave has been coast to coast in Canada and internationally performing at streets fairs and festivals.

Dave will be located in the Vendor Village during the festival.


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