Lisa Lottie

Watch Lisa Lottie ‘Bend it like Barbie’ with insane stunts of flexibility and some of the most impressive hula hoop tricks you have ever seen! Expect great feelings of exhilaration and remember to pick your jaw off of the floor’

Cabaret artist, corporate entertainer, festival performer and YouTube sensation, Lisa Lottie’s hula hoops, contortion, style and beauty have been seen across Europe and around the world. A world-class, highly-skilled artist, Lisa was born in Amsterdam, began her career in a traditional circus in India, has trained at Escola National de Circo in Rio de Janeiro and holds a degree in Circus from the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama in London.

Based now in the UK and Australia, Lisa delights international audiences with her festival show ‘Bend It Like Barbie,’ and her sophisticated, skilled and sassy performances.


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