Performer Application

The application process for the Halifax Busker Festival is highly competitive. With hundreds of applications received each year, the festival organizing committee selects acts that will ensure a diverse, vibrant and exciting festival.

We are looking for unique, professional performers who have experience in not only street performance, but also performing at multi-day, world-class events.


Application must include the following
1) Name of Group/Performer
2) Title of Show (if different from above)
3) Complete list of Performers
4) Complete list of Technical Requirements and Storage Needs
5) Individual Performer Travel and Accommodation Requirements
a. Originating City
b. Will you be able to provide your own travel?
c. Number of shared hotel rooms required

Note: we do not provide travel or accommodations for non-performers (i.e. family, assistants, etc.)

Please include the following documents for consideration of your application:
1) DVD or high res website links including an extract of the show
2) 1 or 2 explicative words to describe the show (i.e. dance, acrobat, etc)
3) 1 descriptive paragraph of the show – 3 lines
4) 3 photos in 300 dpi

Applications can be sent to and or:

Kim Hendrickson
c/o Halifax Busker Festival
1150 Belmont on the Arm
Halifax, NS, B3J 1J3